Solutions: Individual

We are consultants. But first and foremost, we are makers and building professionals. We assemble scaffolds, sell them and offer detailed advice. We train professional scaffolders to the German guild and training standards. And we only work with strong and secure partners. Because we know the market and the competition.

Our key advantage is the relationship we have built with the German manufacturer Layher, worldwide market leader in façade and special scaffolding – and our partner in the area of façade scaffolding. As sole agency for the Arabian countries, SAMIEZ also holds exclusive rights in the areas of halls, tents and trade fairs.

What unites us is a solid foundation and highly motivated and skilled workforce. For customers who expect a reliable service and clients whose trust we gain before the project and whose appreciation we enjoy afterwards.

We use industrial scaffolds, mobile scaffolds and ladders, platforms, halls and tents.